Do you really collaborate with your customers? Part 1

Advicelet benefit: Smart customer collaboration can really make the difference between good and great customer relationships.


Most businesses¬† (small or otherwise) claim they collaborate successfully with their customers on a regular basis – but do you really? Collaboration doesn’t mean being prepared to drive 400 miles to a meeting at short notice, it means being smart in the way you interact with customers on a daily basis. Small business growth depends on keeping costs low and creating great relationships – so what better way to do this than using technology.

We have another expert in the studio again – a man well-qualified to give advice on collaboration – the CEO of BT’s collaboration and conferencing division, Aaron McCormack. In the first of a two part interview, Aaron talks through the benefits of using technology to collaborate more effectively with your customers… and before you ask – this isn’t a blatant plug for BT…

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